November 16, 2009 at 2:09 pm (Tugas)

slums20As we know together, Indonesia as development country still have many problem, and one of the problem is poverty. The poverty that happened in Indonesia also give many bad effect, like crime, health, human resources, ad kids. Kids are need good place for their living, because they still in grow. But unfuortunately, some of them must live in slum areas because their parents are poor people. It’s certain give bad effect for kids like their safety, their health, and their education. Therefore we can find many problems for kids in slum areas.

First, about their safety. The parents as poor people, they didn’t have enough money to fulfill need of their family, so that, they abused the children to work. For example, we can see at the street, there are many kids are work as beggars or street musicians. As we know, children are need time for playing and learning, but they can’t get it if they are abused to work.

Second, about their health. Kids that live in slum areas are not only bad for their safety but also about their health. Slum areas are bad residen for everyone. An adult unusual live in slum areas will get disturb of health, even less kids that susceptible to desease.

Third, about their education. The children that live in slum areas can’t get education as good as common children, and the consequently they become uneducated people, so they usually do criminal things. For the example many children do crime things, like steal or even sex criminal. And commonly, that caused by uneducated people.

So, there are so many problem that caused by kids that live in slum areas. Kids are need good place for their growing. And the government should give their attention for this problem, because kids are who determines the future of our country.


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