December 14, 2009 at 4:32 pm (Tugas)

Facebook is one of the most popular network websites among teenagers and young adult. By joining this website, they can make a new friends, interact with old friends, or surprisingly, may possibly meet people who are always a friend-of-a friend, e.g.: You lost contact with your friend in junior high school, senior high school or someone close to you at college in Bandung? You could get in touch with him or her again if this person has joined Facebook. People also use Facebook to meet people with similar interests, discover new interests through friends, and make plans with friends and friends of friends. They can date or even help a friend to find a date. You would realize what a small world we are living in.

To join this website. First you have to sign up. Then you can define your gallery of friends. Next, the website will interate these galleries, which allows you to search through a list of friends, their friends’ friends, and so on.

Even though many members tell honestly who they are, others don’t identify themselves clearly or use profiles of movie stars, band characters or those of other people. You could be disappointed. For example, after you have made contact with beautiful girl, you find out later that she is not as beautiful as she was in the picture she sent you. You also may be unhappy to know that she has given the wrong data about herself.


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