December 14, 2009 at 4:55 pm (Tugas)

The main attraction in Ujung kulon nature reserve is the single-horned rhinoceros. Many visitors come to look at this endangered species-it almost disappears. The single-horned rhinoceros exists only in Java. It is about three meters long and one and a half meters tall. It weighs about 2,200 kgs, but it can still run fast. Rhinoceros is most active during the night. So, people rarely encounter this animal during the day.

If you take public transportation, you need to change several times to get to Ujung Kulon. You can reached this destination in approximately ten hours. First, take the minibus from Jakarta or Bogor to Labuhan. This bus ride will take approximately four hours. From Labuhan, you have take a boat to Pulau Peucang. This will take another five to six hours. From Pulau Peucang, take a boat to Ujung Kulon. It takes about 20 minutes.

To explore Ujung kulon, you need to hike for seven kms. The ground is damp or wet. There are steep rises and fallen trees. You need have to cross streams but they are not very deep. Ou can step on large rocks so your feet don’t get wef. If you are lucky you can encounter rhinos, deer, and other many birds. The trail through Ujung Kulon National Park is full of obstacles and surprises.


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